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What is the Defias Sisterhood?

The Defias Sisterhood is an inclusive gaming community that welcomes all people looking for a safe space to discuss, promote, and play, World of Warcraft. The focus of the community is to promote and elevate non-male identifying gamers and streamers in an effort to reduce toxicity and misogyny in the community, as well as to educate, discuss, inform, and learn about how everyone - including men and male-identifying persons - suffer from toxic masculinity. The Defias Sisterhood is comprised of this website, which aims to educate and inform all gamers on relevant topics, and a growing Discord community focused on World of Warcraft, inclusivity, gaming, and health & wellness.

Who are the Administrators of the Defias Sisterhood?

The Defias Sisterhood is a passion project of three like-minded, long-time World of Warcraft players: Hulahoops, Vitaminpee and Shine. All three women have been involved in the WoW community for many years, and have been affected by toxic misogyny during their years in gaming. Out of a desire to have a safe space for themselves and others, as well as to empower other gamers in similar positions, these women have come together to create the Defias Sisterhood. Twitter: @Hulahoopsy @Vitamiinpee @shinexdxd
Twitch: /Hulahoopsy /Vitaminpee /shinexdxd

What can I do to help make Warcraft and Gaming a safe space?

Listen to others, empathize with their struggles, self-reflect on your own behaviour, and engage with others when you witness toxicity. This is a simplified answer for a complicated question. For more information, we encourage you to read the articles we post on this website, to engage in discussions in our Discord, as well as to research best ways to be an ally.

How do I become a Featured Streamer?

If you believe that you, or someone you know, would make an excellent Featured Streamer on our monthly Features page, please let us know! Send us an email or a DM on Twitter and let us know who you think we should feature, and why. Every month we will feature 5 new streamers. We aim for a diverse a representation as possible, including by geography, in-game focus, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more.

Twitter: @defiassisters

How do I join the Defias Sisterhood?

If you wish to become a member of the Defias Sisterhood community, join our Discord! We will be using our Discord as a place to talk, to meet new people, to find people to play WoW and other games with, and to feature streamers and articles from this website.

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