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The Defias Sisterhood is a community built to foster gamers who play World of Warcraft and other games, who face toxic behaviour due to their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, and more. Our goal is to promote and support our sisters* in gaming by featuring them on our site, as well as providing information about mental and physical wellness.


Our mission is to put a face to our sisters* in the Warcraft and gaming community, with the hope of reducing the toxicity, cyber-bullying, and misogyny that many of us face on a daily basis.

*We use the term sisters and sisterhood to denote any persons who are affected by misogyny and toxic masculinity in gaming. This is an inclusive term and refers to women, trans people, queer, non-binary persons, and much more. We also hope to include our male/masculine allies as members of the sisterhood to discuss their experiences with toxic masculinity and to make Azeroth a safe place for all of us, together! 

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